sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2016


Best Picture
1. Lawrence of Arabia
2. Harakiri
3. La Jetée
4. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
5. To Kill a Mockingbird
6. Ivan's Childhood
7. Sundays and Cybele
8. The Exterminating Angel
9. Winter Light
10. The L-Shaped Room

Best Director
1. David Lean, Lawrence of Arabia
2. Andrei Tarkovsky, Ivan's Childhood
3. Masaki Kobayashi, Harakiri
4. Chris Marker, La Jetée
5. John Ford, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
6. Luis Buñuel, The Exterminating Angel
7. Françoise Truffaut, Jules and Jim

Best Actor
1. Peter O'Toole, Lawrence of Arabia
2. James Mason, Lolita
3. Gregory Peck, To Kill a Mockingbird
4. Tatsuya Nakadai, Harakiri
5. Robert Mitchum, Cape Fear
6. Alan Bates, A Kind of Loving
7. Jack Lemmon, Days of Wine and Roses

Best Actress
1. Leslie Caron, The L-Shaped Room
2. Katharine Hepburn, Long Day's Journey Into Night
3. Patty Duke, The Miracle Worker
4. Anne Bancroft, The Miracle Worker
5. Geraldine Page, Sweet Bird of Youth
6. Lee Remick, Days of Wine and Roses
7. Bette Davis, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Best Supporting Actor
1. Peter Sellers, Lolita
2. Claude Rains, Lawrence of Arabia
3. Robert Ryan, Billy Budd
4. Omar Sharif, Lawrence of Arabia
5. Tom Bell, The L-Shaped Room
6. Lee Marvin, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
7. Burgess Meredith, Agent & Conset

Best Supporting Actress
1. Angela Lansbury, The Manchurian Candidate
2. Cicely Courtneidge, The L-Shaped Room
3. Shelley Winters, Lolita
4. Thora Hird, A Kind of Loving
5. Nicole Courcel, Sundays and Cybele
6. Patricia Gozzi, Sundays and Cybele
7. Susannah York, Freud



Best Original Screenplay: Luis Buñuel, The Exterminating Angel
Best Adapted Screenplay: Robert Bolt & Michael Wilson, Lawrence of Arabia
Best Ensemble Cast: Lawrence of Arabia
Best Cinematography: Vadim YusovIvan's Childhood
Best Film Editing: Anne V. Coates, Lawrence of Arabia
Best Original Score: Maurice Jarre, Lawrence of Arabia
Best Original Song: "Le Tourbillon" from Jules and Jim
Best Art Direction: John Box & John Stoll & Dario Simoni, Lawrence of Arabia
Best Costume Desgin: Phyllis Dalton, Lawrence of Arabia
Best Visual Effects: R.A. MacDonald, The Longest Day