domingo, 27 de novembro de 2016


Best Picture
1. Letter from an Unknown Woman
2. Bicycle Thieves
3. The Treasure of Siera Madre
4. The Red Shoes
5. They Live by Night
6. The Big Clock
7. Germany, Year Zero
8. Naked City
9. Red River
10. Fallen Idol

Best Director
1. Emeric Pressburger and Michael Powell, The Red Shoes
2. John Huston, The Treasure of Siera Madre
3. Max Ophüls, Letter from an Unknown Woman
4. Vittorio de Sica, Bicycle Thieves
5. Roberto Rossellini, Germany, Year Zero
6. Nicholas Ray, They Live by Night
7. Jules Dassin, Naked City
8. Carol Reed, Fallen Idol
9. John Farrow, The Big Clock
10. Howard Hawks, Red River

Best Actor
1. Humprhey Bogart, The Treasure of Sierra Madre
2. Laurence Olivier, Hamlet
3. Montgomery Clift, The Search
4. Ralph Richardson, The Fallen Idol
5. John Garfiel, Force of Evil
6. Ray Milland, The Big Clock
7. Toshiro Mifune, Drunken Angel
8. Takashi Shimura, Drunken Angel
9. Lamberto Maggiorani, Bicycle Thieves
10. Van Heflin, Act of Violence

Best Actress
1. Joan Fontaine, Letter from an Unknown Woman
2. Olivia de Havilland, The Snake Pit
3. Anna Magnani, L'Amore
4. Kinuyo Tanaka, Women of the Night
5. Irene Dunne, I Remember Mama
6. Kinuyo Tanaka, A Hen in the Wind
7. Yvonne de Bray, Les parents terribles
8. Jane Wyman, Johnny Belinda
9. Claire Trevor, Raw Deal
10. Anne Baxter, Yellow Sky

Best Supporting Actor
1. Walter Huston, The Treasure of Siera Madre
2. Alec Guiness, Oliver Twist
3. James Stewart, Rope
4. Cecil Kellaway, The Luck of Irish
5. Charles Laughton, The Big Clock
6. Robert Ryan, Act of Violence
7. Cedric Hardwicke, The Winslow Boy
8. Dick Bogarde, Quartet
9. Pat O'Brien, The Boy with Green Hair
10. Richard Widmark, The Street with No Name

Best Supporting Actress
1. Claire Trevor, Key Largo
2. Margaret Leighton, The Winslow Boy
3. Ethel Barrymore, The Portrait of Jeanne
4. Jean Simmons, Hamlet
5. Nora Swinborne, Quartet
6. Aline MacMahon, The Search
7. Sonia Dresdel, The Fallen Idol
8. Angela Lansbury, State of the Union
9. Ellen Corby, I Remember Mama
10. Agnes Moorehead, Johnny Belinda


Best Original Screenplay: Emeric PressburgerThe Red Shoes
Best Adapted Screenplay: Howard Koch, Letter from an Unknown Woman
Best Ensemble Cast: The Treasure of Siera Madre
Best Cinematography: Jack CardiffThe Red Shoes
Best Editing: Paul Weatherwax, Naked City
Best Original Score: Brian Easdale, The Red Shoes
Best Original Song: "The Ruins of Berlin" from A Foreign Affair
Best Sound Design: The Red Shoes
Best Art Direction: Hein Heckroth & Arthur Lawson, The Red Shoes
Best Costume Desgin: Hein Heckroth, The Red Shoes
Best Visual Effects: The Red Shoes