domingo, 19 de março de 2017


Best Picture
1. Citizen Kane
2. The Lady Eve
3. The Maltese Falcon
4. The Little Foxes
5. Sullivan's Travels
6. Hellzapoppin’
7. The 47 Ronin
8. How Green Was My Valley
9. The Flame of New Orleans
10. The Devil and Daniel Webster

Best Director
1. Orson Welles, Citizen Kane
2. John Huston, The Maltese Falcon
3. Preston Sturges, Sullivan's Travels
4. Kenji Mizoguchi, The 47 Ronin
5. René Clair, The Flame of New Orleans
6. John Ford, How Green Was My Valley
7. Preston Sturges, The Lady Eve
8. William Wyler, The Little Foxes
9. H. C. Porter, Hellzapoppin’
10. Howard Hawks, Sargeant York

Best Actor
1. Humphrey Bogart, The Maltese Falcon
2. Edward G. Robinson, The Sea Wolf
3. Herbert Marshall, The Little Foxes
4. Joel McCrea, Sullivan's Travels
5. Orson Welles, Citizen Kane
6. William Powell, Love Crazy
7. Charles Coburn, The Devil and Miss Jones
8. James Cagney, The Strawberry Blonde
9. Gary Cooper, Ball of Fire
10. Humphrey Bogart, High Sierra

Best Actress
1. Barbara Stanwyck, The Lady Eve
2. Joan Fontaine, Suspicion
3. Bette Davis, The Little Foxes
4. Mary Astor, The Maltese Falcon
5. Joan Crawford, A Woman's Face
6. Barbara Stanwyck, Ball of Fire
7. Irene Dunne, Penny Serenade
8. Olivia de Havilland, The Strawberry Blonde
9. Marlene Dietrich, The Flame of New Orleans
10. Olivia de Havilland, Hold Back the Dawn

Best Supporting Actor
1. Joseph Cotten, Citizen Kane
2. Sydney Greenstreet, The Maltese Falcon
3. Peter Lorre, The Maltese Falcon
4. Van Heflin, Johnny Eager
5. Walter Huston, The Devil and Daniel Webster
6. Félix Bressart, Blossoms in the Dust
7. Edward Arnold, The Devil and Daniel Webster
8. Conrad Veidt, A Woman's Face
9. Laird Cregar, I Wake Up Screaming
10. Roland Young, The Flame of New Orleans

Best Supporting Actress
1. Patricia Collinge, The Little Foxes
2. Veronica Lake, Sullivan's Travel
3. Marjorie Rambeau, Tobacco Road
4. Theresa Harris, The Flame of New Orleans
5. Rita Hayworth, The Strawberry Blonde
6. Ingrid Bergman, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
7. Beulah Bondi, Penny Serenade
8. Teresa Wright, The Little Foxes
9. Hattie McDaniel, The Great Lie
10. Paulette Goddard, Hold Back the Dawn


Best Original Screenplay: Herman J. Mankiewicz & Orson WellesCitizen Kane
Best Adapted Screenplay: Gregg TolandCitizen Kane
Best Ensemble Cast: The Little Foxes
Best Cinematography: Gregg TolandCitizen Kane
Best Editing: Robert Wise, Citizen Kane
Best Original Score: Bernard Herrmann, Citizen Kane
Best Original Song: "When I See an Elephant Fly" from Dumbo
Best Art Direction: Richard Day & Nathan Juran, How Green Was My Valley
Best Visual Effects: Ellis Burman & John P. FultonThe Wolf Man

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  1. I love Patricia Collinge and I love love Stanwyck in The Lady Eve!